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Brinkmann DC 450 BP Blue power
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20.10.2022 10:45

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Model: DC 450 BP Blue power
Version: With Automatic Cover
Engine: DEUTZ three-cylinder diesel engine; D 2011 L03, oil cooled 2.300 min-1 / 33.5 kW 2.500 min-1 31.0 kW
Compressor: ATLAS COPCO AIRTEC 11.73, 78 lt /sec under 7 bar delivery pressure
200 liters net volume into mixing bowl
Filling height: 900 mm
Sound level: 97 dB
Tank Capacity: 58 liters
Traffic Speed: 80 km/h
Weight: 1.600 kg
Dimension (mm): 4,800 x 1,580 x 1,550

• By using the most advanced technology and injection engine system in Blupower series screed machines, Brinkmann has shown that it is always with the consumer by reducing fuel consumption as well as having variable settings according to efficiency power.
• It works more efficiently and more reliably with the new technologies it uses. Its most distinctive feature is its ease of use, low fuel feature and environmental sensitivity. Thanks to its new diesel engine produced by Duetz, it has low emission characteristics.
• Extremely cold and hot environments do not affect Brinkmann machines at all, unlike pumps with water cooling system. The direct operation of the compressor prevents efficiency losses arising from the use of transmission and belts.
• Thanks to the control system it has developed, Brinkmann screed machines always work with full air power and at the same speed. Thanks to this technology of Brinkmann screed machines, the engine life is long, fuel consumption is reduced and the time required for maintenance is extended.

• Brinkmann DC series has a wide product range. In addition, it meets the highest customer demands in use. The most prominent features are:
• Low fuel feature
• Always working at the same speed
• High performance feature in extreme cold and hot environments
• Long maintenance time
• Long engine life
• Automatic central lubrication system
• Automatic mixing circuit
• Reduction at the end of automatic pumping
• Safe automatic boiler cover
• Closing circuit in the boiler sieve
• Bag tearer with integrated filling chamber
• Analogue electrical panel
• Emergency off switch
• Central crane lifting connection
• 3-cylinder engine options
• Model options with bucket and shovel
• Environmentally friendly fuel consumption

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