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pioneer tx 8500 ii
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Stereo Tuner TX-8500II (2)
Pioneer Corporation; Tokyo
Manufacturer / Brand
Pioneer Corporation; Tokyo
Broadcast Receiver - or past WW2 Tuner
Main principle
Superheterodyne (common)
Wave bands
Broadcast (BC) and FM or UHF.
Power type and voltage
Alternating Current supply (AC) / 110; 120; 220; 240 Volt
- For headphones or amp.
Metal case
from Radiomuseum.org
Model: Stereo Tuner TX-8500II - Pioneer Corporation; Tokyo
Book-shelf unit.
Dimensions (WHD)
420 x 150 x 395 mm / 16.5 x 5.9 x 15.6 inch
A hi-fi AM/FM stereo tuner with an analogue dial housed in a metal case, a wooden cabinet is optional. With Tuning Meter, Signal Meter, Stereo Indicator lamp, Rec Level Check, IF Band Switch (Wide & Narrow). With terminals for AM and FM antennae, built on adjustable AM bar antenna, RCA phono sockets for Fixed and Variable Line Output and FM adaptor, Unswitched AC Outlet max. 200 Watts.

Semiconductors FET 3, ICs 6, Transistors 11, Diodes 16
FM Section
Circuitry MOS FET 1-stage RF amplifier 4-gang variable
capacitor, IF Band Selector, double balanced NFB
type PLL MPX built-in pilot signal auto canceller.
Usable Sensitivity Mono: 10.3dBf (1.8µV)
50dB Quieting Sensitivity Mono: 16.1dBf (3.5µV), Stereo: 37.2dBf (40µV)
S/N Ratio at 65dBf Mono: 79dB, Stereo: 75dB
Distortion at 65dBf: MONO: 1kHz 0.08% (Wide) 0.15% (Narrow)
STEREO: 1kHz 0.1% (Wide) 0.4% (Narrow)
Capture Ratio 0.8dB (Wide) 2.0dB (Narrow)
Alternate Channel Selectivity 35dB (Wide) 80dB (Narrow)
Stereo Separation 1 kHz: 45dB (wide) 45dB (narrow)
50Hz-15kHz: 35dB (wide) 30dB (narrow)
Frequency Response 20Hz-10kHz ±0.2dB
20Hz-15kHz +0.2dB,-0.5dB
Spurious Response Ratio 90dB
Image Response Ratio 85dB
IF Response Ratio 100dB
AM Suppression Ratio 55dB
Muting Threshold 19.2dBf (5µV)
Antenna Input 300Ω balanced, 75Ω unbalanced
AM Section
Circuitry 1-stage RF amplifier, 2-gang variable capacitor
Sensitivity: (IHF, Ferrite antenna) 300µV/m
(IHF, Ext. antenna) 15µV
Selectivity 30dB
S/N Ratio 50dB
Image Response Ratio 45dB
IF Response Ratio 50dB
Antenna Built-in ferrite loopstick antenna
Audio Section
Output Level/Impedance FM (100% MOD.) FIXED: 650mV/4.2kΩ
VARIABLE: 50mV to 1.3V/3.6kΩ
AM (30% MOD.) FIXED: 200mV/4.2kΩ
VARIABLE: l5mV to 400mV/3.6kΩ
Versions/Power requirements

KC 120V AC 60Hz with de-emphasis select switch (25µs/75µs) Canada
KU 120V AC 60Hz with de-emphasis select switch (25µs/75µs) U.S.
HG 220 and 240V AC 50/60Hz (switchable) Scandinavia
S 110,120,220 & 240V AC 50/60Hz (switchable)
with de-emphasis select switch (25µs/50µs/75µs) General Export
Power Consumption 20 Watts

Net weight (2.2 lb = 1 kg)
8.1 kg / 17 lb 13.5 oz (17.841 lb)
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